Going on holiday? Read our tips.

Holiday Sex Toy Tips from Sex Toy Shop UK.

Even if you don't manage to pull whilst on holiday you'd still need something to relieve your hang-over horn, here are some tips to consider when travelling...

  1. If taking toys with you, keep it small! This will be more discreet on the x-ray and less embarrassing if your bag does get searched. Take a look at our range of mini bullet vibrators. Click to see our range of Mini Vibrators

  2. Take the batteries out before you pack your vibrator in your bag, the last thing you want is your bag buzzing as it's being loaded onto the plane! Or avoid batteries and take one of our rubber dildo's instead. See our range of flexible realistic rubber dildos.

  3. Take lots of lube with you, but make sure it's under 100ml. The airline will not allow yo to travel with more than 100ml of liquid. We stock mini bottles of lubricant as well as handy lube sachets. See our range of lubes here.

  4. Stay Safe, cover up. The last thing you want is to be bringing back the news that your pregnant or worse cause a sexual transmitted infected whilst you were partying in Ibiza. Keep it safe and make sure you pack plenty of condoms. We sell rubber Jonnies in a variety of colours, sizes, flavours and styles. See our range of condoms here.

  5. Send us there first. Why not avoid all the possibility of facing embarrassment at the check-in desk by ordering your sex toys in advanced and having them delivered to your hotel? We offer competitive worldwide postage on every ite in our adult toy super store.