Sex toy reviews

Sex toy reviews and recommendations. Here we look at some of our favourite adult toys, we'll tell you what we love about them, how they feel and why you need these in your bedroom.


The Shiny Shank Butt Plug

Size: 5.5 inches

Style: Realistic

Colour: Pink or Brown Flesh

Don't be fooled by the size of this guy, this realistic penis shaped butt plug packs a massive punch!

He's the perfect size to stimulate your prostate without penetrating too deeply, perfect for those new to anal sex.

Complete with suction cup with a slight taper  the base this butt plug is the best of a suction cup dildo and butt plug in one.

The suction cup makes it perfect for play in the bathroom;- stick him to your tiles and ride him for a realistic feel of anal sex.

The taper towards the base makes him fit comfortably in your anus without sliding back out; perfect to use as a traditional butt plug for anal training.

At the low price we recommend this as a must have sex toy.